Bear Goggles On Reader’s Mock Draft: Minnesota Vikings On the Clock


The first two picks of our Reader’s Mock draft pretty much went as expected, with Andrew Luck going #1 to the Colts and Robert Griffin III going #2 to the Redskins.  Now things get a little interesting with the division rival Minnesota Vikings on the clock.

The Vikings are clearly in rebuilding mode, coming off a disappointing 2011 that ended with star running back on IR, the Vikings still searching for  a solution at quarterback and the once vaunted defense starting to falter under former Chicago Bear Leslie Frazier.  There are a lot of ways the Vikes can go with the #3 pick.

Since the first two picks are going to be the top two quarterbacks in the draft, the #3 spot could give the Vikings some unique opportunities for a trade, with the Cleveland Browns and Miami Dolphins as possible suitors for the next ranked quarterback in the draft, Ryan Tannehill.  For the purposes of our Mock draft, let’s assume the Vikings don’t trade the pick and actually select a player.

USC left tackle Matt Kalil has been linked to the Vikings in many mock drafts.  It’s certainly an area they could upgrade with the likes of Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews chasing after Christian Ponder or whoever they trot out at QB.

Another option for the Vikings is the top rated wide receiver in the draft, Justin Blackmon.  They have Percy Harvin, but durability issues have limited him recently.

When you see that the Vikings are signing former Bears cornerback Zack Bowman, they clearly need help in the secondary.  LSU’s Morris Claiborne would be a valued addition to go up against Calvin Johnson, Greg Jennings and newest Bear Brandon Marshall.

Who should the Vikings select in the draft?