Bear Goggles On Reader’s Mock Draft: Cleveland Browns on the Clock


There haven’t been any big surprises yet in our Reader’s Mock draft.  Andrew Luck went #1 to the Colts, RG3 went to the Redskins with the second pick and the division rival Vikings selected Matt Kalil with the third pick.  Now the Cleveland Browns are on the clock.

It’s been an interesting offseason for the Browns.   They face a big question about what to do at quarterback.  Is Colt McCoy the answer?  Besides that, they lost their starting running back Peyton Hillis.  Admittedly, Hillis had a rough 2011; possibly a victim of the Madden Curse; but it leaves them with another hole to fill.   Let’s face it, aside from Joe Thomas at Left Tackle, are the Brownies really set anywhere?

There are a lot of directions the Browns could go in the draft.  With two first round picks, they’ll have a couple of chances to hit it big.  They could try to fill their running back need with Alabama’s Trent Richardson, who really impressed in his Pro Day.  They could also decide to give up on Colt McCoy and go from Ryan Tannehill, the next best available quarterback in the draft.  If they decide to keep McCoy, they could get the top wide receiver on most draft boards, Justin Blackmon.   Could you argue if the Browns decided to upgrade their defense with someone like top CB Morris Claiborne or DE Quniton Coples?  Let’s vote.