Former Bears WR David Terrell Charged with Domestic Battery


I almost let this one slip under the radar, getting lost in the weekend hustle and bustle.  Former Bears wide receiver David Terrell was arrested for domestic battery.

"Terrell was arrested Friday afternoon at his apartment building in the 1700 block of South Michigan Avenue, where his unit appears to be on the 33rd floor, according to court records. The alleged incident occurred about 2:30 a.m. Friday.The ex-girlfriend told police that she had just ended a seven-month relationship with Terrell, sparking an argument that escalated when Terrell allegedly grabbed her, causing bruises on her upper arms, chest and neck, according to court records.The woman, 25, told police Terrell swore at her and said, “I’ll throw you off the balcony and say you jumped,” according to court records.The woman told police she waited for Terrell to fall asleep and then went to Mercy Hospital and Medical Center, where she was treated and released."

There’s only one thing I hate more than a Bears draft bust and that’s a woman-hitting Bears draft bust.  If Terrell had that much fight in him back in his time with the Bears, maybe he would have worked out to be more than a footnote in the lengthy list of Bears busts.

What surprised me most about the Tribune article was that Terrell still lives in town, on the near South side.  How can this guy still maintain residence in this town?  How is it that he hasn’t been chased out of town years ago.