Positions the Bears Should Be Targeting on Day 3


The Bears have themselves a defensive end, wide receiver and safety in the first 2 days of the NFL Draft.  When you combine their free agency moves, they have some flexibility in their Day 3 picks.  I’d still like to see them address a few positions with the three picks they have remaining:

Defensive Tackle

The Bears let Anthony Adams go and Amobi Okoye followed out of town as a free agent.  The Bears need to replace those snaps.  The have Matt Toeina and Stephen Paea and Henry Melton and little else.  Bears need a stud DT to collapse the pocket like Tommie Harris used to.


In free agency the Bears signed a bunch of cornerback-ups as I called them.  I was really hoping that Kirkpatrick or Gilimore slipped down to #19.  Peanut is getting older and the Bears need guys they can mold into starting caliber players.

Offensive Line

I’d really like to see a tackle prospect or two selected to add some competition.  When guys are pushed, the group as a whole gets better.  The loss of Martz will help, but they need more help than that.


They may have address the “linebacker of the future” query with McClellin, who could conceivably slide to the Mike in a couple of years.  In the meantime, add some young competition to keep pushing.

Tight End

There aren’t many out there and even fewer good ones.  I’d still like to see someone like an Orson Charles get a sniff.

I feel like I’ve rattled off the entire team with that list.  What would you like to see them address on Saturday?  Are there still impact players out there that could contribute right away?  Let’s hear your comments.