What is Each Chicago Bears’ Signature Play?


The Twitterverse was buzzing on Friday morning, leading up to the first 2012 Cubs-Sox matchup not necessarily with the usual trash talking, but with an unexpected mid-season retirement.  When I heard that Kerry Wood was going to retire, I have to admit I wasn’t totally surprised.  With an ERA north of 8, Kid K just doesn’t have it any more.  Then word began to spread that he was going to make one last appearance, a swan song if you will.  It couldn’t have worked out better for him,  striking out the last batter that he faced.

Seeing that moment, it was clear that aside from being on the DL, the strikeout on a nasty breaking ball was Kerry Wood’s signature play and it got me to thinking, what is the signature play or the signature moment for each Chicago Bears star?

Walter Payton

Sweetness has so many signature plays, it’s hard for me to pick just one.  How about diving over the pile for a touchdown?  Is it a stiff arm and dragging a would-be tackler another 5 yards?  Is it the high stepping down the sidelines toward the end zone?  What about when he became the league’s all-time leading rusher vs the Saints?  Hit the jump to see my ideas for our current Bears.

Brian Urlacher

Urlacher’s game is all about speed.  Is his signature moment chasing down an opposing running back before he gets the corner?  Is it busting through the line to sack the quarterback?  How about this play as my signature Urlacher moment:


Under Lovie Smith, for better or for worse, Urlacher has become better known in coverage than attacking the quarterback.  That play sums it up for me.

Devin Hester

It’s not a matter of what type of play but which return is Hester’s defining moment?  Is it the record breaker?  Is it his first ever against the Packers?  For me, this is pretty cut and dried.

Lance Briggs

Briggs is a little tougher than most Bears for a signature play.  He’s a tackling machine; that’s what the Will linebacker does in Lovie’s system.  I picture his signature play as busting through the line and practically taking the handoff as he meets the ball carrier in the backfield for a loss.

Peanut Tillman

2 words – ball punch.  Then again, I always seem to think of this play vs Randy Moss when I think of Peanut

Can you believe it took him this long to be a Pro Bowler?

Jay Cutler

I think Jay’s defining moment is still to come; at least I hope it is because otherwise, Jay’s defining moments as a Bear so far include interceptions, injuries and an “F you!” to the coach.  Do you have another signature moment from Cutty?

Overall, what are your signature moments for other players or the players I listed?  What plays define your favorite Chicago Bears?  I’d really like your comments on this one.