Behind Enemy Lines–Leshoure Supspended


Mikel Leshoure first NFL action will have to wait another two games after getting suspended today for two separate marijuana charges this off season. The suspensions are a part of the substance abuse policy of the NFL. Leshoure was arrested in February and March on separate marijuana charges.  Apparently, the Detroit Lions last team meeting before the off season was not a drug free lecture from the Detroit Police Department.  Nick Fairley, Mikel Leshoure, and Johnny Culbreath all have been arrested on marijuana charges this off season, the 2011 Lions draft class has seemingly spent more time behind bars then on the football field.

Leshoure, the University of Illinois standout, has not sniffed NFL action yet due to tearing his left Achilles tendon in training camp last season.  Leshoure was suppose to be the power option to go along with Javid Best in the Lions backfield.

Leshoure now gets to see two game checks go up in smoke and he received an additional fine that means this situation will cost him almost $110,000, and he won’t be eligible to make his long awaited NFL debut until September 23 at the Tennessee Titans.  He will be able to participate in training camp and preseason games.

Was this the start of the suspension express for the Lions? Will Fairley get the suspension call next from the NFL league office?  In college usually arrests mean that the team is full of talent and ready to explode for a possible National Championship, but in the NFL this many arrests means the GM is not looking for character guys just talent, and this is a dangerous path to jump off of. You are suppose to read about your players in the sports page of the paper, and not the police blotter section!!

It was BEARly worth mentioning, but they are our rivals!!