Behind Enemy Lines-Harvin Asks For A Trade


Percy Harvin of the Minnesota Vikings asked for a trade today according to sources though not confirmed by the Vikings organization.  Last year for the Vikings, Harvin had 87 catches for 967 yards and 6 touchdowns while attempting 52 rushes for 345 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Harvin must have wanted to transfer one of his massive migraines to the Vikings front office with this trade request, but GM Rick Spielman tried to get out in front of the story and state that the Vikings organization has NO INTERST in trading Harvin.  The core of any trade request usually revolves around money.  Harvin is still in his original rookie contract that pays him a base of $915,000 this year and $1,555,000 next season. He is eligible for incentive and escalting clauses that effect his salary, which is probably Harvin’s biggest concern when he looks around the Vikings roster and only sees a 2nd year quarterback in Christian PonderAdrian Peterson possibly returning from injury, and a suspended  (3 games) Jerome Simpson on the other side at receiver.  Harvin could be hard pressed to reach these clauses ,which include personal statistics and pro bowl selection, with the lack of offensive talent on this seasons Vikings roster. Harvin could also be looking at the dreaded Franchise tag for the 2014 season.

Here is the depth chart at wide receiver for the Vikings

Jerome Simpson-50 catches 725 yards 4 TD (with Cincinnati Bengals)

Devin Aromashodu– 26 catches 468 yards 1 TD

Michael Jenkins– 38 catches 466 yards 3 TD

Stephen Burton– 3 catches 38 yards

Jarius Wright– Rookie

Greg Childs-Rookie

As you can see the biggest reason the Vikings have NO INTEREST in  trading Harvin is that they really have no talent behind him at wide receiver.  A couple of journeyman wide receivers and a a bunch of young inexperienced or no experience wide outs.  There’s no way that this demand will ever be realized, Harvin is too talented at such a thin position for the Vikings while they continue to rebuild.  Harvin may need to go back to the drawing board for a new way to extract more money from the Vikings!

It was BEARly worth mentioning, but they are our rivals!