New Point of View: NFL to Offer Coaches Film


If you’re a football nut like me and can’t get enough X’s and O’s for the Bears, their opponents or the NFL in general, you might choose to make a modest investment for this upcoming season.  For the first time ever, is offering the “All-22” or “coaches film” to the general viewing public through it’s Game Rewind subscription.

It’s the point of view that coaches and some analysts use because the cameras don’t follow the ball and view the entire field and all 22 players in one shot.  The views that we get in the standard TV broadcast follow the action and isolate on different players.  If you want to take a closer look at blocking schemes, route combinations or coverages, this is the ticket for you.

For a mere $70 for the season, you’ll get access to all NFL games within 24 hours after completion of the games.  There are some restrictions that limit when you’ll be able to access the film, so read the fine print before you fork over your hard earned cash to be sure this is the right deal for you.

The NFL has been reluctant to release this footage besides limited instances for fear of armchair quarterbacks like myself over-analyzing plays without knowledge of the calls and coverages.  Yup, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

I’ve talked about this with some of my buddies and I think the NFL is missing out on a cash cow by not doing Pay Per View games with the players mic’d up and mixing in the field mics uncensored.  Can you imagine the stuff you’d hear?  My hope is that’s next.