Inside Chicago Bears Rookie Minicamp – Episode 2


The Bears are offering a rare glimpse behind the walls of Halas Hall with their wed series “Inside Rookie Minicamp.”  If you haven’t had a chance to see Episode 1, jump over and give it a spin.  But try to stay awake when Lovie starts speaking.

In Episode 2, we see the rookies arriving in Chicago and heading to Halas Hall.  Shea McClellin gives you a glimpse into his view of Chicago and how it compares to his hometown.

What I liked most was the bit with Rod Marinelli.  You don’t hear much from him and he kind of flies under the radar with Lovie basically calling the shots for the defense, but he’s a tough old bird and won’t take crap from anyone, much less a rookie.

Can’t wait for the next episode when we actually get to see the kids on the field.