Debate Necessary? SUPER BOWL XX Greatest Chicago Sports Moment.


This past week ESPN the Magazine put out the Debate issue, which featured many great sports debates.  .406 vs 56 straight games, Did Sonny Liston take a fall, greatest running back ever, no brainer–Walter Payton.  They also have a section for each states greatest sports moment as voted by the fans.  Michael Jordan’s Game 6 winner vs the Utah Jazz beat out the Fridge scoring a TD in Super Bowl XX for Illinois greatest sports moment. Since there have never been any great sporting events south of Cook County let’s just call it Chicago’s greatest sports moment (sorry Springfield, Carbondale, Champaign, etc etc)

Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls of the 90’s are the closest anyone from Chicago is ever going to know what its like to be a NY Yankees fan, but none of those Bulls moments can ever match or beat that of the 85 Bears winning the Super Bowl.  Maybe it’s that the team was full of characters from the Punky QB to the Fridge, or maybe it was the first Chicago championship of my lifetime(excluding the Sting NASL Championship), and the first one for Chicago in 22 years since the 63 Bears won the NFL Championship. The Super Bowl Shuffle could have been another factor, but the moment Coach Ditka and Buddy Ryan were carried off the Superdome turf and the scoreboard read 46-10, I knew that it was the best sports moment  I had ever scene.

Debating is fun especially when talking about championship teams, because no matter which side of the debate you are on, you really can’t be wrong.  There is a poll integrated in this post so  you can vote for greatest Chicago moment, and yes I even put a Cubs moment in their even though they haven’t won anything since I believe the Mayans were still wrapping up their famous swimsuit calendar!