Forte Contract Talks with Bears Heating Up


The July 16th deadline for a contract extension between the Chicago Bears and Matt Forte is rapidly approaching.  Matt Forte knows that is the best way to get some security and a long term deal is to get back to the bargaining table.  He made an appearance in downtown Chicago as a coach for the Madden NFL ’13 Pigskin Pro-Am where he spoke to CSN Chicago’s Pat Boyle.  Check out the video after the jump.

There’s some juicy stuff in there. Here are a few quotes I snipped from Joe Cowley’s Sun Times piece:

"“We’ve been talking. That’s a good thing, and we’ll continue to talk, so that’s good news that we’re still talking. That’s about it.’’"

And while Forte wants to be in camp and knows that his teammates want him there, he’d be happy if they – and he’s talking to YOU Jay Cutler – mind their business:

"“I don’t know, it depends on how we’re doing in the negotiations, but it kind of looks bad when other people speak for you,’’ Forte responded, when asked if he would sign and be in camp on time. “[Cutler] doesn’t really know what’s going to happen, so, he’s not in the negotiations, so, he’s just being optimistic. He wants me there, I want to be there, but it’s just a matter of what happens in the next couple of weeks.’’"

Here comes my favorite from Forte, about the “business side” of this process:

"“There are scars,’’ Forte added. “That’s what happens when you get into the business side of sports. There’s an easy way to get over those scars, but we’ll see. Everyone looks at it and says, ‘Oh, it’s only about money.’ It’s not only about money. It’s about you going out there and putting your heart and soul on the field, being respected for what you do, and then being rewarded for it.’’"

An easy way to get over those scars?  Hmmm???  When my 3-year-old gets the most minor injury, only an Angry Birds band-aid will make it better.  For Forte, I think his band-aids look a little something like this:

Forte does a little posturing, saying he might miss camp if a deal can’t get done, but here’s my question:  If the July 16th deadline passes and a deal doesn’t get done, what’s the point of holding out and missing camp?

After July 16th, all Forte can do is essentially sign the back of a $7.7 million check and play ball for the 2012 season.  He can’t get an extension at that point and his choices are either play ball or stay home.   Holding out and missing camp would only serve as unnecessary distractions to what is expected to be a special season in Chicago.  Let’s hope a deal can be reached before the deadline and we can see Forte’s familiar #22 in Bourbonnais.