Hello, football friends


I’ve long awaited for the opportunity to write about the Chicago team that has often pulled at my sports heartstrings; the Bears.

Now I have that chance, and I can’t wait to share with you all my thoughts about the Blue and Orange.

My name is Jimmy Johnson. I’ m a recent graduate of Northern Illinois University. I spent the last three and half years at NIU being a staff writer and editor for the sports section of the student newspaper, the Northern Star.

I’ve lived in Illinois my whole life. I was raised a Bears fan, like many of you, so I know the importance this team means to the city, the state and the fans.

However, I’m not afraid to be critical of the Bears, their front office, coaches, players, etc. As much as I’m a fan of this team, I try to look at everything with logic and not with giant, thick-lensed homer glasses.

Again, though, when there’s time to praise, I’ll praise. But if something backfires, whether it be a failed signing, questionable play-calling, I won’t hesitate to scrutinize.

I greatly appreciate being a member of this staff. I look forward to interacting with readers throughout training camp, pre-season and finally, the regular season, which I’m sure we’re all stoked about.

Thank you again to Bears Goggles On for giving me this opportunity. I can assure you all I will offer a unique and fair opinion on all football matters this upcoming season.