Addict For Life


If there’s one thing that every Bears fan knows very well, it’s how to live in the past. For the purposes of this blog, I’m no exception.

Hey Bears fans, my name’s Matt Mattucci.  I’m a former producer at WGN Radio in Chicago as well as an Indiana University grad. As a newspaper and radio journalist I covered everything from the NCAA Final Four to the Winter Classic at Wrigley Field. One team that always managed to escape my coverage though was the one and only Chicago Bears.

I’ve been a die hard Bears fan my entire life. One of my earliest memories involves my father dressing me up from head to toe as one of my favorite players ever, the “Punky QB” Jim McMahon, during the magical Super Bowl championship season. Years later, I also remember telling all of my buddies at school how much I hated Peter Tom Willis. That’s probably the point at which I realized I was beyond a fan — I was an addict.

I’m really excited to now be a part of Bear Goggles On and I want to thank Boomer specifically for the opportunity. During the upcoming season, I’ll be covering the ups and downs of the one and only Jay Cutler, and critiquing every aspect of his football and non-football life.

So join me, if you will, in a fairly safe addiction that we can all enjoy together.  It’s gonna be one heck of a ride.