Behind Enemy Lines- Rodgers Named Best Player In The NFL


With all precincts reporting, Aaron Rodgers Qb of the hated Green Bay Packers won the NFL off season beauty contest of best player in the NFL for 2012.  Let’s face it Rodgers had a great statistical season throwing 503 times with 353 completions for 68.3% rate compiling 4,643 yards with 45TD and only 6 INT.  Just for fun, Rodgers also ran for 257 yards and 3Td.  He was a monster in real and fantasy football worlds combined.  He did lose in the divisional playoff game which should make everyone reading this smile at least a little!

With Rodgers finishing 1st that would make four players from our NFC north rivals in the top 13 without a single Bear being on the list until #26 Julius Peppers.  Following Rodgers from our division is Calvin Johnson at #3, Adrian Peterson at #8, and Jared Allen at #13.

There were five Bears that made the list this year, joining Peppers, was Matt Forte at #33, Devin Hester at #48, Brian Urlacher at #51, and Lance Briggs at #72.  Two names that didn’t make the list but need to have great seasons and be on the list next season are Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall. Cutler was well on his way to making the list, and leading the Bears to the playoffs when his thumb got in the way of the Soldier Field turf. Brandon Marshall was stuck on exile island otherwise known as the Miami Dolphins offense.

You should never get too worked about these lists since they are just there to fill air time on NFL Network or reading time on NFL.Com, but the two names that jump off the page on making the list are DeSean Jackson who even though he still had 962 yards receiving was a major dissappointment all year for the dream team while he sulked about his contract unlike Matt Forte, and how did John Kuhn make the list?  Since the full back is, a dying position in the NFL just like Blockbuster is in the DVD industry, they had to throw a token full back into the top 100?

Congrats to Rodgers on another title thankfully we didn’t have to see him riding around Disney World this past February, but we do have to watch other NFL personnel talk about how great of quarterback he is.  If for some reason you would like to see the Rodgers video,  or any other of the top 100 clips including any of the Bears video highlights click here.

It will be interesting next season to see if the Tice offense puts more players on to list.  Cutler, Marshall, and Forte will all need to be on this list next season if the title Super Bowl Champs is to be attached to the Bears of 2012!

There are lofty offensive expectations going into this season, and the start of training camp is right around the corner.  Cutler and company need to bump Rodgers off the #1 rated player ranking quickly starting in Week #2 visit to Green Bay!!