Matt Forte: “I’ll Be Here” for Upcoming Bears Season


Matt Forte is starting to come around.  The embattled Chicago Bears running back was making a charity appearance in support of the Cure It Foundation at Marist High School and dodged the typical contract questions in a short media session.

As the Tribune’s Vaughn McClure reports, Forte

"When a student sitting in the bleachers asked the Pro Bowl player whether he would suit up for the Bears this fall, Forte responded, “I’m still here, for now.”Forte expanded on his response during an abbreviated media session.“I don’t really have a choice, do I?” Forte said. “But yeah, I’ll be here.”"

It appears like the Bears are winning the multi-million dollar game of chicken.  And Forte knows it.  Even if Forte skips some of camp, just to make a point, don’t worry about him coming to Bourbonnais out of shape:

"“I’m in very good shape,” he said. “That’s what I do. I go out every week, week in and week out. I’m probably the healthiest I’ve ever been since coming out of college. … It’s going to be a fun season.”"

Yes, Matt, it is going to be a fun season and it’s good to see you recognize that.