Behind Enemy Lines- AP Arrested


To quote the classic line by Vince Lombardi in  NFL Films–“What the Hell is going on here?”  The NFC North has lost its marbles or perfect citizens awards!! Four Detroit Lions arrested six times this off season, and now Adrian Peterson with no record at all, gets arrested early Saturday morning for resisting arrest at a club in Houston Texas.  Peterson was released on $1,000 bond Saturday.  Allegedly, Peterson was drinking unusually heavy before the arrest took place.

This has been a pretty bad time for Peterson.  The Minnesota Vikings running back suffered a very bad knee injury in Week 17 last season, and depending on the report that you read, is way ahead of schedule and was planning on playing Week 1 at home versus the Jacksonville Jaguars. Other reports have him being held out or barely being used by coach Leslie Frazier at the beginning of the season until he’s finally 100%.  Either way he’s more that likely going to be back to his old form the first time the Chicago Bears are to face the Vikings on 11/25 in Chicago.

The NFC North doesn’t need a scorecard just a police blotter this off season! Another arrest within the black and blue division,  but with Peterson’s clean record I doubt Roger Goodell will force Peterson to miss any games, maybe just pay a small fine.  The GM’s in this division probably can’t wait for training camp to start, and the arrests to finally come to an end.  Less than three weeks until camps open!!

It was BEARly worth mentioning, but they are our rivals!