Forte Status Upgraded


It almost feels like the news that you receive when entering the hospital doors and getting an update from the doctor about a friend or family member.  Although Matt Forte’s news isn’t life threatening, it is very important to the Chicago Bears organization and fans for their high expectations entering the 2012 season.

According to Michael Lombardi of NFL Network the Bears star running backs contract extension dispute has been upgraded from very optimistic to extremely close!  Let’s hope sometime Sunday the next status update is Signed on the bottom line! A happy Matt Forte would mean all systems go, going to Bourbonnais  11 days from now when training camp begins. This would also mean there would be no black clouds over his head all season long with ever carry or fumble of Forte’s season scrutinized.  The best news is that negotiations have not stalled as of yet, and every report is that both sides keep getting closer to an extension being signed.

I really don’t want the next update on Sunday to read virtually signed or whatever could possibly come next after extremely close that doesn’t read signed, sealed, delivered.  Forte has a very capable backup by the name of Michael Bush, but how far the Bears season goes into the playoffs hinges of Matt Forte’s success.  An extension signed, happy running back, entering training camp is just what the doctor ordered and needs to pronounce!

Get this deal done!!