4th and Goal-Forte’s Last Day to Sign Long Term


In a country that waits to the last second for everything (check any retailer Christmas Eve) Matt Forte’s negotiations have come down to the last second! It’s no surprise that Forte’s negotiations have gone to the limit since every sports negotiation doesn’t truly begin until there is a firm deadline approaching.  So whatever adjective we are spinning on the Forte extension talks from optimistic to extremely close all that matters is that 4pm Monday the extension has to be signed or Forte will play under the Franchise tag for the 2012 season.

The franchise tag has to be the worst words ever spoken to a restricted free agent running back.  Their window unlike any other position on the football field closes at age 30-31 depending on the tread on the tires.  The NFL owners continues to dominate these players at this position with this rule.  Running backs generally get one crack at the big contract for their careers so it’s not a big surprise that the Forte negotiation is taking this long.  The real way that the owners win with the franchise tag is that Forte has to play this season no matter what for two reasons. 1. You don’t just walk away from 7+ million a year and 2. You still need to have a great season to get the big dollars next year in free agency. No matter what Forte wants to do, in his best interest he has to take the field in 2012 and perform even if it is under the Franchise tag if a deal doesn’t happen Monday.

After all the talk of extremely close, you would have thought a deal would have been signed on Sunday.  Monday will only bring more tension to Bears fans until either an extension for Forte is announced or 4pm rolls through and everyone knows that the most unhappy millionaire in Chicago will be wearing #22 on Sundays.

It’s 4th and goal in these negotiations will they get stuck at the goal line or will we finally get points on the board?  Come on Bears get this done!!! What do you think will happen Monday?