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Behind Enemy Lines- Bonus Lions Arrest


The arrest gets credited to 2011, but the court case gets a summer 2012 credit!  Another Detroit Lion got his day in court Wednesday and it wasn’t any of the previous announced offenders.  This time it was DT Corey Williams in an Arkansas Court room on Wednesday for a DWI charge after being arrested on June 18, 2011.

Coach Schwartz and the Lions organization must be really enjoying reading the newspaper every day.  Roger Goodell could soon be taking up permanent residence in Detroit for his upcoming suspension extravaganza!

Williams reportedly blew a .10 which is over the legal limit of .08 in Arkansas. Williams attorney is trying to say that they were racially profiled the night of the incident because there were no white passengers in the car.  The judge said he would take all the information “Under Advisement” and should make a ruling in the next week.

It is interesting that this arrest had never become public until this weeks court hearing.  How many more arrests have the NFL and Lions covered up in the past year? Williams didn’t let team officials know about the arrest at the time, because it was during the NFL offseason work stoppage last summer.  Hopefully all this distraction leads to a decline in wins for the leagues biggest “up and coming young teams”.   The Chicago Bears first look at the undiscplined Lions is October 22 in Chicago on Monday Night Football.

What do you think? Has Schwartz and the Lions management lost total control of the organization?

It was BEARly worth mentioning, but they are our rivals!!!