Redemption Song? Young MC Offers Jay Cutler to Sing Again


You don’t get a second chance at  first impression.  Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler won’t get another chance at a first impression, but if he takes up rapper Young MC on his offer, he will get another chance to sign again after butchering “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” last week at Wrigley.

Young MC will be in Kankakee along with fellow ’90’s rap icon Tone Loc for the Merchant Street MusicFest on Saturday July 28th while the Bears are in training camp in nearby Bourbonnais.  The folks downstate are really excited about the opportunity for Cutler to get his redemption song:

"If Cutler does agree to sing, Yohnka said he’d love to figure out a way for the event to help benefit diabetes, which the quarterback was diagnosed with in 2008. The Bears do have a practice scheduled for 7 p.m. on July 28, meaning that making it from ONU to downtown Kankakee in time to sing could be tricky. But if Cutler gets on board, Kankakee Mayor Nina Epstein has pledged to help make it happen.“The mayor loves the idea,” Yohnka said. “She even said she’ll get Jay a police escort from the dorms straight to the stage.”Yohnka stressed how he wants Cutler to know that he’s not laughing at him with the invitation to sing a “do-over.” Rather, he’d love to see the QB often known for his dour personality allow people to laugh along with him.“Jay sometimes gets a bad rap about not being as into things as much as people might want him to be,” Yohnka said. “And while I know it’s a little bit of a fantasy world for us that he would actually come out and sing, it would be fun.“And, you know, the last time a Bears quarterback awkwardly did hip-hop, the team won a Super Bowl. Maybe we need to get back to that.”"

Young MC even reached out to Jay via Twitter to offer him a “do-over”

Thinking #Bears Jay Cutler and I could laydown a better “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” than at Wrigley #jaygetsadoover @KankakeeMSMF

What do you think?  Should Jay “bust a move” and sing a redemption song or should he focus on his playbook?  I’d love to see Jay do a version of “Baby Got Back” with Tone, but something tells me Cutty will take a pass and it will be the best pass of the season for #6.