Behind Enemy Lines- Berry Arrested Again


For the 2nd time in a month Aaron Berry was arrested in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Berry was arrested on three counts of assault by the Harrisburg Police Department Saturday morning.  The only thing released about the arrest was that a handgun was involved.  Berry was also arrested in June for a DUI charge.  The Detroit Lions do not lack for publicity this off season.

Here’s a recap of the Lions off season rap sheets

1. Mikel Leshoure– Marijuana

2. Nick Fairley– DUI

3. Mikel Leshoure-Marijuana

4.Johnny Culbreath-Marijuana

5. Nick Fairley-Marijuana

6. Aaron Berry- DUI

7. Aaron Berry- Assault

(Bonus 2011) 8. Corey Williams– DWI

It almost feels like the Lions have slipped back into pre-Roger Goodell mode when there were not any repercussions for getting arrested!  Granted Goodell isn’t going to bring down the hammer like he did to the New Orleans Saints for Bounty-Gate to the Lions, but his justice will be felt by the Detroit organization.  He must be getting very agitated with each passing day and arrest.

The Lions training camp starts on July 26th which has to be a huge relief to the Lions organization and Coach Schwartz. This off season will finally come to an end, but is it too late to gain any type of control of this organization?  Granted nobody will remember this off season of turmoil if the Lions make a deep run in the playoffs, but if they fall flat on their collective faces one would think heads will roll for this never ending trip to jail.

It’s been mentioned ALOT! entirely too much, but they are our rivals!