Let’s hear it for Lovie!!!


Let me start off with saying I am not at all a Lovie apologist, that being said this year I will be his biggest fan. Now hear me out; there is a method to my madness.

First this is by far in my opinion the most talented Bear team since the ’85 team. To be clear I am not saying this team is as good or even close. I do believe though that this team has the talent to make a deep playoff run.

This brings me to point #2. If the beloved fall flat and fail to make the playoffs we may be in for a rough few years. I don’t think anyone can say that if this team fails to meet the lofting expectations that Lovie will be back next year. With an aging defense and a good portion of starters contracts running out that side of the ball may be torn down with a new coach.

#3. New coach means new scheme so that begs the question if we have the right personal in place for whatever that scheme maybe. We do not have the time to waste. Windows are small in the NFL the Bears is closing.

This brings us to #4 Another new offense to learn. Jay Cutler will never be able to find his full potential learning a new offense every year. Finding the consistency that has been lost on him starts with comfort. The longer you are in an offense the more comfortable you get.

If the Bears can make a run or heaven help us win the big game, Lovie will be back and we can add to the defense instead of starting anew. This is what good teams do. It is time that we act like the big boys and stop acting like the little sisters of the poor. That’s just my two cents. Let me know what you think and as always BEAR DOWN.