Behind Enemy Lines- Berry Released


Aaron Berry, welcome to the unemployment line where 8.2% of Americans unfortunately reside right now!  You made your (bad) choices and now you have to live with them.  The difference Mr. Berry is that your an undrafted free agent with a minimal salary cap hit unlike the rest of your teammates. Your teammates  have made similar bad choices but are worth more to the team, and they are only waiting to here from Roger Goodell about their fates!

An example was going to be made in Detroit by the Lions organization or Goodell.  The Detroit Lions organization acted first and released Aaron Berry from the team.  He had run with the first team defense at corner back this off season but the glass half full Lions fan will say that Berry was at a similar talent level to the rest of the corner backs in camp.  The Lions franchise had to save some face this off season so they set Berry free.  Will training camp finally end the arrests for the Lions, or will their undisciplined actions follow them to training camp?

What do you think? Will this move help the Lions gain some control within their organization?

Good-bye Mr. Berry we spoke too much of you,but he use to play for one of our rivals!!!