Behind Enemy Lines- Suh Sued


What could possibly be the cherry on top of the sundae  for the Detroit Lions this off season?  How about a $1 million lawsuit to go along with all the arrests for the Lions. Ndamukong Suh was served with a million dollar suit Thursday from Saadia Van Winkle who was along for the ride on the night of December 3rd when Suh was involved in a one car collision while he was serving his two game suspension last season.

Suh allegedly offered Van Winkle $700 in hush money the day after the accident, but Van Winkle has other ideas after coming forth with injuries to her head and back and some stitches to her face from the crash. She also has stated emotional distress.  Suh did call 9-1-1 after the crash, but he declined any medical attention for him or his passengers.  Reports of the accident had Suh driving recklessly before the accident occured.

Suh was not charged for the accident, and now it’s up to his lawyers to find the right number to satisfy Van Winkle before a jury gets to hear the case.  It seems pretty drastic $700 to $1 million, so it will not be shocking when this gets settled for an undisclosed amount!

At least no one was arrested yesterday. It’s sure hasn’t been a dull summer for the Lions Public Relations Department

It was BEARly worth mentioning, but they are our rivals!