Vikings Trying to Copy Bears Special Teams


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They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  That’s the case with word that the Vikings are trying to copy the Bears formula for Special Teams success.  It’s not surprising that Dave Toub’s unit would be emulated, as one of the most consistent top performers in the league.  The Vikings are grilling former Chicago Bear Zack Bowman to try to understand the inner workings. Here’s Vikings ST coordinator Mike Priefer:

"“It was me trying to get information from him not only about the Chicago Bears and what they do and teach, but what made them so successful,” Priefer said. “I know they have a great returner and they have a good kicker and a good punter, but the mentality that they take to every Sunday is where I want our guys to get to. That is a great challenge for us. The Bears, Packers and the Lions are all very good special-teams units and I want to see what made them so successful behind the scenes.”"

The Vikings are missing one key ingredient to Special Teams success:

Here’s what Bowman told Priefer:

"“Basically,” Priefer said, “they believed every time that they returned the ball, punt or kickoff, they had a chance to score. When you have a great returner, that’s the feeling you’re going to get. It makes guys work a little bit harder. They believe in it more. I think we had that on kickoff return a lot with all the long returns we had. We need to establish that on punt returns as well.”"

Good luck with that Vikes.