Offensive Line Drama Highlights Chicago Bears Training Camp Notebook – August 1, 2012


Offensive line drama highlighted the sixth day of practice for the Chicago Bears.  The biggest battle for a position up for grabs is the left tackle position.  So far, last year’s starter J’Marcus Webb has been alternating with challenger and former first rounder Chris Williams.  Wednesday, there was an unexpected change and drama ensued.

The rise of JWebb Nation?

Wednesday was supposed to be Chris Williams’ to run at left tackle with the first team offense, so it’s no surprise that the media would be buzzing when J’Marcus Webb manned the Left Tackle spot for the second straight day.

By all accounts, Webb has performed pretty well in camp.  From what I’m hearing, it’s not really a physical issue with Webb, it’s all between the ears.  If J’Webb can limit his mental mistakes, he has all the physical tools to be a serviceable left tackle in this league.


It’s notable that the loser of the left tackle steel cage match will man the all-important swing tackle role.  No sarcasm in that statement either.  The swing tackle needs to be able to fill in for an injury (see Carimi last season) or if there are failures to execute (see Omiyale his whole Bears career).

It might speak to where the coaches think Chris Williams is in the pecking order if they’re trying him out at Right Tackle, making sure that he can get in the swing of things, so to speak.  It also might just be that Carimi needed a little rest too.

A Dark Horse

If you thought that the battle for the starting Left Tackle was a tw0-horse race, guess again.  A dark horse candidate has emerged in undrafted rookie James Brown.  Brown has turned a few heads early in camp, holding his own in individual and team drills.  Coaches had Brown running with the 2’s on Wednesday.  It’s still early, but keep an eye on Brown when the preseason games start next week.

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