Urlacher and Bears Paying the Price for Finishing the Season Strong


In a game meant nothing to either team, the Bears pulled out all the stops trying to finish a lost season on a positive note. The question I asked then and continue to do now is why?

At the time my view point was their were many teams bunched together and a loss would mean a higher draft pick. I did not want the Bears to tank the game, just not have everyone out there going full boar. Everyone meaning the starters.

I felt it was a good time to find out what you got. If last year taught us anything it was that the lack of good back-ups could blow up a season. I wrote that on my personal blog around week 14 when the season was not salvageable.

Fast forward to today. Brian Urlacher has missed six straight practices and will not suit up for Thursday night’s preseason opener. All because of an injury he suffered in the “let’s finish strong” game.

If the Bears had a play-off seed locked up and a win would do nothing to inhance or hurt their position all the starters would have ball caps on joking on the sidelines. Why is this any different? Especially when all that could happen was something negative.

The Bears dropped at least 3 spots in the draft because of the win and may have lost the soul of their team in the process.

We all remember 2009 when Lach went down in week one. As we sit Lovie and the team are saying all the right things about the injury. If Brian needs to have surgery on the knee he will miss a good chunk of time maybe even the season. He is not a spring chicken anymore.

At the very least this is a lingering thing that will hamper him for the rest of the season. We will see how it affects his performance just not on Thursday. But that’s just my two cents. Let me know what you think and as always…