What Does Baby Cutler Look Like? Simulated Pictures Give us a Glimpse


We are all wondering what baby Camden Jack Cutler looks like.  Does he have Jay’s ‘punch me’ face?  Does he have that twinkle of Kristin’s eyes?  Through the power of the interwebs, we were able to plug in pictures of the proud parents into the website Morphthing.com to get a glimpse of what Baby CJ might look like through these simulated pictures. 

If we morph Jay’s suave magazine cover look

with Kristen’s clean and simple look…

We get this simulated picture of baby Camden:

Or possibly this look with another version of the morph:

OK, one more. Morph this pic of dorky Jay face

with this pic of a glammed up Kristin

And we get this simulated shot of baby CJ:

They’re all a blessing!  Can’t wait to see the real pictures.

Congrats again to the proud parents!

NOTE – These are all simulated and are NOT in any way the real Baby Cutler pics.  Just a little something for fun.