J’Marcus Webb is as Good a Poet as He is a Left Tackle


Perhaps no other player on the Bears roster had been scrutinized more than left tackle J’Marcus Webb.  He played into the 4th quarter of the first preseason game long after his fellow starters were sitting on the bench with their baseball caps on.  Some viewed it as punitive, others viewed it as a message.  Offensive coordinator Mike Tice said it was neither, but was very pointed in his comments, going so far as to refer to Webb as “the other player” when discussing the left tackle battle in his Monday press conference.

Rather than take the high road, J’Marcus Webb responded to the comments through his social media accounts.  It wasn’t a snippy retort or anything crazy, it was a poem.  Here’s J’Webb’s verse:

"Every morning I wake up, and get out of bed, while thoughts of preparing to battle dance in my head. No visions of cupcakes and tacos . Just football and being the best Left Tackle! Jwebb Nation stand strong! I’ll conquer this battle like King Kong! I’ll protect our quarterback and won’t allow any sack! I’m giving my best everyday and there simply isn’t anything left to say——BEAR DOWN!!!!"

Whoever heard of rhyming tackle and taco?  If I were J’Webb, I’d focus on my technique and my playbook and not worry about the poetry.   I’ve got a little poem for J’Webb:

Roses are red, violets are blue, don’t look now, but another defensive end just blew by you.

I’m calling on you to submit your poems in the Comments.  Let’s show J’Webb how it’s done.