Bears Vs. Redskins Keys To Victory


Week 2 of preseason brings the Redskins to town with them they bring one of the most expensive number two draft picks in recent memory. RGIII comes in with lofty expectations and what the Redskins hope for to be a high ceiling.

After last week the beloved have nowhere to go but up we hope. The offensive line was as bad as advertised, the defensive line let Peyton Manning eat lunch before he threw and the offensive line was bad.

This week the keys will not differ too much from last week however I feel that it needs to be simplified a bit. So here they are.

No protect the quarterback no open wholes for the running backs just block. After watching last weeks game I came to the conclusion that perhaps some fundamentals are in order. Get in front of someone and don’t let them by you.

In the past the Bears have done well against scrambling quarterbacks this needs to continue this week. RGIII has the ability to make plays with his feet keep him contained and a win should follow

This could have been part of the above. A rookie quarterbacks second game get in his face and force some errors. Don’t let him get comfortable and turnovers should follow

Follow these keys and a win will follow. In a vanilla game play hard and fast don’t get anyone hurt and it is a win regardless of score. I am thinking 17-13 Bears.

Give me your scores in comments and as always……..