Behind Enemy Lines-Packers Dress Rehearsal


The Green Bay Packers pre-season dress rehearsal was against a formidable defense last night in the Cincinnati Bengals.  The first string Packers offense didn’t miss a beat putting up 17 first half points including two first quarter rushing touchdowns by Aaron Rodgers.

The best part of the game for the Packers and worst part for Bears fans is that Cedric Benson was highly effective in his play.  He had 6 carries for 38 yards and 1 catch for 10 yards.  Benson plays best when he has a chip on his shoulder, I’m sure nobody has forgotten the 189 yards Benson collected against the Bears in 2009. The 2012 chip on Benson’s shoulder will be that the Bengals decided that BenJarvus Green-Ellis was a better option than Benson. Benson isn’t a home run hitter but he can give them 4.5 yards per carry, then Benson can and most likely will bring some balance to the Packers offense which could make their offense down right scary.

Rodgers was his usual self throwing for 122 yards rushing for 52 and 2 scores in a half.  He’s a statsitcal nightmare if you are playing against him in fantasy football!  Jermichael Finley was the only big name offensive player to miss the game as Greg Jennings made his first appearance in the pre-season after battling injuries early in camp.

The dress rehearsal game shows what everyone knows already about the Packers. This is a very good team and unless Rodgers gets hurt, it will be a huge fight to win the NFC North title from them in 2012.  Let’s hope the Bears offense can be just as effective tonight in New York!

It was BEARly worth mentioning, but they our are biggest rival!