Chicago Bears Lose…to Canada???


I still can’t believe some of the assignments (paid) writers for ESPN get to work on, but alas, ESPN has completed a piece dubbed The Uni Watch Power Rankings.  They spent the time to rank, not 10, not 25, not 50, but 122 uniforms from the 4 major sports.  I am up late on a business trip, so I thought I would open it up to see where the Beloved rank, because as we all know, nothing compares to the blue and orange.  Of course, because the Bears generally get no love, I was expecting the North Eastern-team-biased ESPN to have the Yankees or Red Sox at the top of the list.  To my amazement, the Beloved were ranked #2 and I was pleased, for an instant.

You see, because the pundits at ESPN ranked the Montreal Canadiens uniform as #1!!!  HUH?!?!?  Does ESPN even air hockey games?  ESPN never pumps hockey and many of their radio personalities openly bash hockey.  Then, you are gonna put a Canadian hockey team at the top?!?!?  Ok, I know hockey is a Canadian sport, but geez, if they had to put a hockey team #1, is there ANY better hockey sweater than the Chicago Blackhawks???  I tell you, there is NOT.  I took this as another slap in the face at the city of Chicago and hopefully the Beloved can wipe some of the smugness off that team from the North Eastern part of the world in that little exhibition game tonight.

CAN I GET AN AMEN?!?!?!?!?!

The DeCon has spoken, so let it be written, so let it be done…