Fantasy Thought- Draft Weekend!


Yes its all about next weekend and the start of the 2012 NFL season, but this has to be one of the best weekends of the passing summer..Fantasy Football Draft Weekend! I understand many of you have drafted already, but this is a huge weekend for a lot of drafts so here’s a list of players to think of when your making you selections.


Stud- Aaron Rodgers- I know its almost hard to say but he’s a fantasy monster.

Dud- Mike Vick- He will miss games due to injury if you pick him plan accordingly.

Sleeper– John Skelton- Has Larry Fitzgerald to throw to enough said.

Sophmore Slump– Andy Dalton- he will backslide in a boring offense play him only when needed if ever

Running Backs

Stud- Arian Foster- He can run and catch and score from anywhere on the field

Dud- Marshawn Lynch- He got his money and he will disappoint.

Sleeper– Rashad Jennings- He’s the starter until the MJD saga ends

Comeback Player of the Year- Chris Johnson- He burned a lot of people last season.  He could reward his new owner this year

Wide Receivers

Stud-  Calvin Johnson- It’s scary that he’s just hitting his prime! Yes two NFC North players are studs

Dud- Victor Cruz- He’s not going to fly threw the air and catch 99 yard tip touchdowns again this season. he may be Ok but he won’t be that good

Sleeper- Erik Decker- He could become Peyton Manning’s new favorite target!

Breakout– Julio Jones- He will fall further down in your draft then he should. make sure your the benefactor of the slide

Tight End

Stud- Rob Gronkowski- Tom Brady likes him A Lot!!!

DUD- Vernon Davis- SF offense isn’t going to improve that much. Unless he scores a touchdown he’s a non factor most weeks

SLEEPER- Kyle Rudolph- 2nd year guy could have a lot of chemistry with Christian Ponder

Rookie Watch- Coby Fleener- Could be Andrew Lucks security blanket for the 2012 season.

Good luck in your drafts! It would be great to see some rosters if you totally crush your draft ,or  if you have someone you think fits into a sleeper or dud category please put in the comments section!!  Have a great draft and safe holiday weekend!!