Bears Bring Back Familiar Faces for 8-Man Practice Squad


The Bears put together their 8-man practice squad on Saturday and there weren’t too many surprises and a lot of familiar faces.  The Bears brought back rookie developmental quarterback Matt Blanchard, running backs Harvey Unga and Armando Allen, cornerback Isaiah Frey, offensive linemen James Brown and Cory Brandon, wide receiver Joe Anderson and defensive end Aston Whiteside.

It’s good to see local kid Matt Blanchard come back to be the third quarterback, though he won’t be on the active roster.  He’s shown some moxy and definitely knows how to win games, so let’s see what he’s got.

Like I said, there weren’t many surprises, but I have to admit I was surprised they brought back Harvery Unga.  Does this guy have compromising photos of Lovie?  I feel like he’s been around forever, hasn’t shown much of anything, yet they keep bringing him back.

To add to my surprise, they brought in a second running back in Armando Allen.  I suppose he showed enough in the preseason to merit further consideration.  I was hoping they would have brought back wide receiver Chris Summers, but he apparently has signed with the Vikings to join their practice squad.

No big surprise they brought back James Brown and Corey Brandon to provide some insurance in case the incumbents can’t get the job done or there’s an injury.  Actually, I’m mildly surprised that Brown cleared waivers.  Even though he was undrafted, he had a mid-round grade, so I thought with some of the desperate teams out there looking for O-line help, Brown might not slide through.

The practice squad is always very fluid, so guys could be around today and gone tomorrow.  With Amobi Okoye rumored to be headed back, someone off the active roster will get bumped, so you never know what the trickle down effect to that will be for these guys.