Bear Goggles Staff Predicts All 16 Chicago Bears Games

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Keith: The Bears offense struggle in Big D and so does the defense. What didn’t happen two years ago does this time.  Bears lose 35-17

Week 5  @ Jacksonville Jaguars (Wins in BOLD)

Boomer: Road games are never easy in the NFL, but we’ll make an exception in this case.  MJD is finally in game shape by the time this one gets going, but even he can’t carry the Jaguars past the Beloved. Bears 37-17

Tooch: It won’t be easy on the road, but the Bears will contain Maurice Jones-Drew and pick up a critical win before their bye week. Bears 24-Jaguars 20

Deez: M.J.D. is M.I.A., not because of a holdout, but rather to injury because he missed training camp.  Bears D gobbles up Gabbert.  Bears 27-10

Decon: Nothing cures what ills ya better than a game against the Chester Cheetahs.  How ’bout dem Bears?!?!?  Bears 31 Jaguars 10

Jimmy: An opponent that always manages to put a smile on the face of opposing fans: The Jaguars. Blaine Gabbert has his career-ending meltdown game, throwing three interceptions by the third quarter. Jay Cutler looks magnificent by lobbing three touchdown passes, two going to Brandon Marshall: Bears 24, Jaguars 3

Bart: the Bears right the ship and quiet the fan base down who was on the ledge after their first loss to the Cowboys.  The Bears leave enough doubt about Superbowl aspirations by winning a close won against a team everyone feels is inferior.  W

Keith: With yours truly in attendence the Bears make Blaine Gabbert look like…Blaine Gabbert. Bears win 42-10
Week 6 – BYE week

Week 7 vs Detroit Lions (Wins in BOLD)

Aug 30, 2012; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson (81) before the preseason game against the Buffalo Bills at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-US PRESSWIRE

Boomer: The Bears get to host the Lions on Monday Night Football.  The Bears were humiliated when they visited Detroit last season on MNF.  They’ll return the favor. Bears 27-16

Tooch: Matthew Stafford and Megatron will be too much for Peanut and the rest of the mangled secondary. Lions 27-Bears 17

Deez: Another NFC North shootout, but Stafford runs out of ammo.  Cutler and Marshall really start clicking.  Bears 31-27

Decon: Following the bye week, the league begins to recognize that Megatron can’t do it alone as the Bears get a tough home division win.  Bears 30 Lions 27

Jimmy: More time under the spotlight for the pride any joy of Illinois as they welcome the Lions to town. Seven weeks into the season and Detroit is falling apart, and talk is percolating around the job security of Jim Schwartz. Matt Forte rushes for 154 yards and two scores: Bears 17, Lions 7

Bart: the Bears invite the undisciplined Lions to Soldier Field and win an offensive display demonstrating their ability to rely on their offense to win games when they need it.  W

Keith: Stafford gets hurt again this time by Melton and Cutler has a career day throwing for 455 and 5td’s Bears win 45-21
Week 8 vs Carolina Panthers (Wins in BOLD)

August 30, 2012; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton (1) warms up on the field before the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Boomer: The Bears were able to eek out a victory over Cam Newton and the Panthers last season.  The Panthers will improve on defense and try to make a run at the NFC South crown, but Cam comes back down to Earth a bit.  Bears 20-17

Tooch: Despite a monster game from Cam Newton, the Bears will ride a steady running game to victory. Bears 17-Panthers 10

Deez: Bears see what could have been with Greg Olsen, as Panthers, Newton trick Bears D all afternoon, despite Peppers best efforts against his former team.  Panthers 27-23

Decon: Cam Newtown is well into his sophomore slump and it doesn’t get any easier against the Bears defense.  Bears 27 Panthers 12

Jimmy: Cam Newton is in a sophomore slump, and the Bears continue to make life rough for the reigning Offensive Rookie of the Year. Julius Peppers reminds the Panthers in their lack of judgement in declining to resign him, as he sacks Newton three time. The winning streak is at three: Bears 24, Panthers 10

Bart: the Bears struggle to contain the running Cam Newton, but win a close one at home.  The city of Chicago is alive with excitement and water cooler talk everywhere is about the possibility. W

Keith: Cam goes nuts but Forte loves seeing the Panthers jerseys more and runs for 189 and 2TD’s.  Bears in a runfest 38-31

Week 9 @ Tennessee Titans (Wins in BOLD)

Boomer: Me and my crew will be in Nashville as Jay Cutler makes his homecoming.  He tries to put on a show but forces too many passes and has a rough outing.  Titans 23-20

Tooch: Robbie Gould kicks a 52-yard field goal as time expires as the Bears win despite Chris Johnson’s 160 rushing yards. Bears 21-Titans 20

Deez: Forte and Bush put on a show, both racking up over 100 yards rushing.  Bears D puts Locker out of commission for the rest of the season.  Bears 30-14

Decon: Certain members of the BGO staff takes 25 proud on its annual road game pilgrimage; only problem is this pilgrimage usually favors the bad guys…call us the MUSH.  Titans 17 Bears 13

Jimmy: Lovie Smith and the rest of the Bears coaching staff might puke all over themselves after watching the film on this one. Kenny Britt exposes the secondary by snagging two touchdowns, and concerns start to point to Tim Jennings at corner. A real snorer against Tennessee: Titans 14, Bears 10

Bart: with half of the Bear Goggles staff in attendance, the Bears continue their impressive season by dismantling the Titans on their own turf.  Chris Johnson is shut down and the Titans can’t match the Bears firepower…..Bears firepower, sounds odd doesn’t it?  W