‘Twas the Night Before the Bears 2012 Season


Twas the night before the season, when all through the house
My dog in my lap as I lay on my couch.
The jerseys were hung on the back of my chair,
Ironed and ready for my family to wear.

My 3 children were all asleep in their beds,
While visions of Luck on his back danced in their heads.
And wifey in her PJs, and I in my New Era Bears cap,
I dozed off while my wife continued to yap.

Off to dreamland my mind did sail,
Please not a nightmare, but my dream didn’t fail.
I was suddenly transported to the Big Easy,
It was pure there and not a bit sleazy.

The lights were bright in the dome that day
On the 50 yard line was where I would stay.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
A team from Chicago entered to a loud cheer.

Led by a quarterback with a rocket arm,
I knew the Bears were there to cause harm.
Introduced to the crowd out the defense came,
While the public address announcer called them by name!

“Now Urlacher! now, Briggs! now, Peppers and Tillman!
On, Izzy! On, Paea! on, on Melton and McClellin!
To midfield! Stand up, stand tall!
Now champs on 3! Champs on 3! Play your asses off all!”

As the captains walked out for the coin toss,
The foes were shaking and knew the Bears were boss.
So high in the sky the coin it flew,
Landing on heads; the Bears would start with Cover-2.

And then, in an instant, I heard a snap
The opponents QB was flat on his back.
Three and out, and it was time to kick,
Punting to Hester made the coach sick.

He held his hands up high, let them drop to his side,
There would be no fair catch, it was time to glide.
A juke left and right with the punter to beat,
And he looked like a cheetah, just quicker his feet.

His moves-how they amazed! his high-steps none higher!
His spins were like magic, his speed the Windy City Flyer!
His crooked little smile was caught on the screen,
And he knew this was a return so pristine.

The flip into the endzone was not to be beat,
And the spike of the ball ever so sweet.
He jogged to the sideline doling out high fives,
A chest bump for Lovie and a bear hug from Tice!

He was ecstatic and jacked, a right happy young lad,
And I laughed when an onside made the other team sad!
A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,
He ran back on the field, nothing to dread.

He talked trash to the corner and went straight to his work,
And caught a bomb down the sidelines, that had to hurt.
And pointing a finger up to the sky,
And giving a fist pump, my spirits were high!

He gave the ball to the ref, the fans gave a cheer,
Another kick-off was coming, I had nothing to fear.
But I heard him scream, still ready to fight,
“Happy Super Bowl to all, for you fools, a long night!”