Chicago Bears 2012 from A to Z


Aug 24, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Chicago Bears helmets during the second half against the New York Giants at Metlife Stadium. The Bears won the game 20-17 Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

I was inspired by one of the dozens (and I do mean dozens) of kids books that I’ve read my 3-year old where we go through the whole alphabet with a letter for each.  How better could we get ready for the 2012 Chicago Bears season than to follow that format.  OK, plenty of ways, but this one seems like fun.  Here’s my view of the 2012 Chicago Bears, from A to Z:

A is for Audible, Cutler can finally change the plays
B is for Briggs, don’t tell him he’s already seen his best days

C is for Cambell the backup QB this season will be fine
D is for Defense, can they sustain or are they on the decline

E is for Emery, the new GM with a new plan
F is for Forte, even with Bush here, he’s the man

G is for Garza who’s anchoring the offensive line
H is for Henry Melton, it’s his turn to shine

I is for Izzy, opposing quarterbacks should fear
J is for Jeffery, your Bears offensive rookie of the year

K is for Kicker, solid Gould will continue to thrive
L is for Lovie, it’s playoffs or else another season he won’t survive

M is for McClellin, will this rookie first rounder boom or bust
N is for New Orleans, a trip to Super Bowl is a must

O is for Offensive line, can they block and avoid false starts
P is for Peppers, his sack total needs to be off the charts

Q is for Quigley, the Week 1 punter it seems
R is for Returners Hester and Weems

S is for Super Bowl, the ultimate goal
T is for Tice, same guy but a new role

U is for Urlacher whose pesky knee has seen better days
V is for Virginia, Mama Bear is a little set in her ways

W is for Wins, they’ll need at least ten or playoffs will be in danger
X is for X wide receiver, Brandon Marshall is a game changer

Y is for Yardage, the offense will gain a bunch on the attack
Z is for Zebras, replacements for now til the real ones come back