The Cover Stew: Jay Cutler’s Public Service Announcement


August 30, 2012; Cleveland, OH USA: Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (6) before the preseason game against the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Eric P. Mull-USPRESSWIRE

During his post-game press conference, QB Jay Cutler made some comments about Bears’ fans being quiet when the Bears offense was in the red zone.  As with many things Cutler says, the media, namely sports radio ran with it and discussion about those comments nearly replaced discussion about the Week 1 victory.  During his weekly pre-game press conference during a short week for an upcoming tilt with the rivals to the north, Cutler had a different message for Bears fans that may be making the trek to Lambeau Field Thursday.

“You know, I know I said I want our fans to be quiet when we are in the red zone, but I don’t want that to go into effect this week,” Cutler said.  “The truth is, I have been to Green Bay a bunch of times and their fans shout some of the dumbest things I have ever heard.  It borders on hysterical and it is all I can do not to start laughing while I am calling out my cadence.”

Head coach Lovie Smith agreed with his quarterback, “Our 4th Phase is an incredible part of our program, our team.  Do I want our crowd at home to be quieter when the offense is in the red zone?  Of course, I do.  But when you talk about Green Bay, that is a different environment there and I believe Mr. Darwin’s process is not yet complete on a large portion of their fan base.”

Cutler continued, “You know, I think any Bears fans brave enough to head up to that po-dunk town should yell and scream all they want.  And make sure to just stay on your feet too, because you will no doubt be sandwiched between a couple 4X sized Cabella’s shoppers.”

Reporters asked Cutler if he felt his comments were a little brash and that Packer fans may try to yell even dumber things to disrupt the Bears offense, Cutler simply replied, “Good luck.”

Cutler’s teammates did not appear too worried about the apparent bulletin board material the quarterback served up.  Center Roberto Garza told reporters, “Jay is just speaking the truth about their fans; their players are really smart.  Although I couldn’t care less how smart their players are because when I get a chance to slap the smart off of [Clay] Matthews’ face, I am gonna take it and maybe I will end up with a handful of goldie locks.”

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