Fantasy Thought- What To Do Now?


September 9, 2012; Tampa, FL, USA; Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton (1) points as he runs out of the pocket in the second half against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium. Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Carolina Panthers 16-10. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE

If your like me I was punched in the stomach twice Thursday night, first the Bears were disappointing to put it mildly. Second, what happened to the shoot out? Every player should have been a start in your league and none of them performed.   What to do now? Do you stick with your regular starters or do you throw a fantasy Hail Mary and put some high risk high reward guys in order to make up from the stench that was Jay Cutler in your starting lineup.  In the I should have known better….I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER than start Cutler on a Nationally Televised game in Lambeau Field, my team has some work to do to get the W this week! Here are my week #2 rankings.


Stud- Cam Newton.  Cam is an RG3 older replica! Cam can put up huge numbers against the Saints D

Dud- Michael Vick- Could be without Maclin and Jackson. Even with them the Ravens D is better than the Browns D!

Sleeper- Ryan Fitzpatrick- Matt Ryan torched the KC secondary. Buffalo will try to repeat the feat.

Running Backs

Stud- Adrian Peterson- He returned with 2 TD’s. The Bears were able to run against Indy, expect a big day from AP

Dud-Kevin Smith- He scored against the Rams.. Don’t expect that this week in the City by the Bay

Sleeper- Steven Ridley- Should get at least one rushing TD in a Patriot blowout

Wide Receiver

Stud- Reggie Wayne- tons of targets from Luck and Collie will be out at least another week

Dud- DeSean Jackson- May not play and if he does will be shut down by Ravens D

Sleeper- Danny Amendola- Will get a lot of targets from Bradford

Tight End

-Stud- Antonio Gates- If he gets on the field which he should he will find the end zone (monitor his status0

-Dud- Dennis Pitta- The Monday night hot waiver wire pickup will struggle at Philly

-Sleeper-Coby Fleener- Last weeks Dud will have a big game against Minnesota


-Stud- Cincy- Until further notice whatever defense gets to play against Weeden will be the #1 defense of the week

-Dud- NY Jets- No Revis and on the road should lead to a long day in Pittsburgh

-Sleeper-  Dallas- On the road but against a rookie QB could lead to a lot of sacks and turnovers!

Who are you studs, duds and sleepers in Week #2?  Good luck this week and never let your opponent out work you!