Top NFL Picks of the Week: Handicapping NFL Week 2


I’m done talking about the Bears and I haven’t even started.  I think Deez’ report card took care of discussing that…game.  I think the only question that I still have is, “What were they trying to do the other night?”  Is it just me, or did they just not seem to have a plan?  I think they had one, it wasn’t working, and then they didn’t come up with a good new one.  I blame Tice for that one.  However, I do have confidence that he’ll fix it. So, now I’m 1-1 on the Beloved.  Let’s get to Sunday’s games.

Texans – 7 vs Jacksonville – I don’t like the fact that the Texans are in Jacksonville, but I also don’t like the fact that a lot of the favorites this week are questionable.  Houston is a solid team on both sides of the ball.  Jacksonville couldn’t even beat the Vikings.  We’re going to see another strong outing from the Houston Defense in this one and they win this won by at least 10.

Bengals -7 vs Cleveland -well, I wrote last week that I typically stay away from higher spread division games.  However, I’m a very firm believer in the fact that Cleveland is a very bad team.  Fortunately, the Eagles were bad last week making Cleveland look a lot better than they really are.  The 7 points isn’t scaring me away from this one.

New England -13.5 vs Arizona – ahh, what the heck!  I’ll give 13.5 points.  It is tough for a west coast team to travel across the country and play and play the Patriots on top of it.  Brady and Welker will re-establish themselves as a duo again and New England easily takes care of the Cards.


Colts +3 vs Minnesota – the Bears, eons ago when they were playing well, embarrassed the Colts.  Luck is going to have a better day against a weaker opponent and the Vikings drop with all of their NFC foes to 1-1.  I’ll take a Home underdog.

Needless to say, this is not a week that I’m feeling especially strong about. If I were in Vegas, I’d probably not put as much on all of these games.  One might ask, then why just not stay away from them altogether?  To which, I’d respond, “What fun is that!”