Cutler Speaks Does Anyone Listen?


Sept 13, 2012; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers defensive tackle Jerel Worthy (99) sacks Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (6) in the fourth quarter at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-US PRESSWIRE

Jay Cutler speaks on ESPN 1000 on the Jay Cutler show here are some highlights of the lowlights from the Green Bay Packers game.

– “Who makes that rule”- Jay Cutler reaction about if it was right bumping J’Marcus Webb during the game.  Cutler then admitted he probably shouldn’t have bumped him, but he was totally right about yelling at Webb and that he was trying to jump start Webb.

– “Your Guessing”- Cutlers response to being asked about his demeanor and him getting frustrated by the play-calling.  He said your guessing at least 5 times until they changed the topic.

-” It’s tough being a Monday Morning QB”- Cutlers response to why he didn’t audible to more running plays when the passing game wasn’t working.

-“That’s between me and J’Marcus”- Cutlers response to what he has said to Webb since the game and if they had talked about the bump.

-“I’m not a vocal leader”- Cutler also stated that the team lacks a vocal leader, but they all lead by example.

– Cadillac Hybrid- Cutler came across somewhat irritated when Waddle and Silvy continually interrupted him during his commercial read which was amusing radio.

– “the media over blows it”- Cutlers response on knowing whether he knew that the Webb bump would be such a big deal.  Cutler does come across highly critical of the media and that they will continually blow anything and everything out of proportion.

-“Fix what we can fix”- Cutlers says players are getting back to work and fixing things that they need to fix.  Don’t over blow one loss.

-“Lovie is a Great Listener”- Cutler says Lovie listens more than he speaks….. I knew it!!!

-“The Ball to Brandon”- the pass he wanted to get back the most which Jay said could have made easier for the TD.

-“Bushy”- Really that’s the nickname?

-“Best Signing in the league”- Cutlers response to Michael Bush signing

-“Do you want to be the Offensive Coordinator”- The response to rolling pockets.

-“Mike is doing a good job”- Cutler says Tice is learning on the fly and doing a great job and its a long season.

It doesn’t really matter what Jay Cutler has to say, but it matters what Jay and the offensive line does when they come out of the tunnel this Sunday against the St Louis Rams.  Hopefully next weeks installment will be about how all their adjustments after the Packers game led to a big win against the Rams!