Fantasy Thought- Week #2 Rewind, Waiver or Not


What a strange fantasy week that was! Congratulations if you were on the right side of the big productions days, but if you were like me it started out poorly with Jay Cutler and Matt Forte and ended even worse with Bradshaw and Hernandez getting hurt early and Fitzgerald never showing up.  Here is the review of last weekends picks


Stud- Cam Newton.  Cam is an RG3 older replica! Cam can put up huge numbers against the Saints D (Hit! 28 fantasy points)

Dud- Michael Vick- Could be without Maclin and Jackson. Even with them the Ravens D is better than the Browns D! (Miss 26 fantasy points)

Sleeper- Ryan Fitzpatrick- Matt Ryan torched the KC secondary. Buffalo will try to repeat the feat. (Hit 22 fantasy points)

Running Backs

Stud- Adrian Peterson- He returned with 2 TD’s. The Bears were able to run against Indy, expect a big day from AP (Miss! 80 total yards only 8 fantasy points)

Dud-Kevin Smith- He scored against the Rams.. Don’t expect that this week in the City by the Bay (Hit! 7 fantasy points)

Sleeper- Steven Ridley- Should get at least one rushing TD in a Patriot blowout (Miss like the entire Patriots team only 8 fantasy points)

Wide Receiver

Stud- Reggie Wayne- tons of targets from Luck and Collie will be out at least another week (Hit! 17 fantasy points)

Dud- DeSean Jackson- May not play and if he does will be shut down by Ravens D (Miss 15 fantasy points)

Sleeper- Danny Amendola- Will get a lot of targets from Bradford (Sleeper of the Week!!! Huge hit 26 fantasy points)

Tight End

-Stud- Antonio Gates- If he gets on the field which he should he will find the end zone (DNP But if you started Rosario in his place great roster move!)

-Dud- Dennis Pitta- The Monday night hot waiver wire pickup will struggle at Philly ( Miss? 10 fantasy points)

-Sleeper-Coby Fleener- Last weeks Dud will have a big game against Minnesota (Super miss 3 fantasy points)


-Stud- Cincy- Until further notice whatever defense gets to play against Weeden will be the #1 defense of the week (Hit- gave up 27 points but still got 9 fantasy points)

-Dud- NY Jets- No Revis and on the road should lead to a long day in Pittsburgh (Hit 2 fantasy points)

-Sleeper-  Dallas- On the road but against a rookie QB could lead to a lot of sacks and turnovers! (Miss only 3 fantasy points)

More hits than misses this past week and now to week #2 waiver wire pickups where the pool of players starts getting smaller!

Waiver Wire Pickups

1. Andre Brown- Depending on the severity of Ahmad Bradshaw’s injury could be start able this week.

2. Dennis Pitta- If he still is a free agent pick him up. He has received a lot of targets in the first two weeks.

3. Aldrick Robinson- He’s on the pine when Garcon returns but he has done well in his absence

4. Donnie Avery- The Colts will be passing a lot!

5. Alfred Morris- If he’s still a free agent in your league please get me a team in your league!

6. Martellus Bennett-  A TD a week should get you on a roster

7. Kevin Ogletree- Fools Gold! 3 fantasy points