Week #3 Power Rankings


September 16, 2012; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh (left) celebrates with guard Mike Iupati (77) after a touchdown during the fourth quarter against the Detroit Lions at Candlestick Park. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE

Welcome to the 1-1 NFL! The league office loves parity and after two weeks they have it! Teams that looked good the first week looked bad and bad teams in week one looked pretty good in week 2.  The one team that has looked impressive both weeks is the only 2-0 team in the NFC North.  The San Francisco 49ers on their tour of the NFC North has dismantled  what was suppose to be two possible playoff teams, and two of the best offenses in football! Here’s this weeks parity rankings I mean power rankings.

1. San Fransico 49ers (2-0) – Most dominate and consistent team the first two weeks

2. Atlanta Falcons (2-0) Played very good defense against Peyton Manning and they are more aggressive on offense this year

3. Houton Texans (2-0) They enforce their will of running the ball down your throat.  Their tour of weak Florida teams is over!

4. Philadelphia (2-0) The Eagles have stolen the 83 White Sox slogan– Winning Ugly!

5. Green Bay (1-1) Rebounded after opening loss nicely. Defense looked better but the offense seems to be not clicking for another week. Is this a trend?

6. Baltimore (1-1) Tough road loss. The offense is way more watchable this season with Flacco more in control

7.  Arizona Cardinals (2-0) They punched New England in the mouth all day and won with Larry Fitzgerald doing nothing!

8. Seattle Seahawks (1-1) Destroyed the Cowboys, they get the Packers this week should get a real reading on this team.

9. NY Giants (1-1)  Staring 0-2 in the face Eli goes nuts in the 4th quarter.  This is still a 9-7 team right?

10. San Diego Chargers (2-0)  This is a mirage right? Maybe totally out of everyone’s radar is where they play best!

11. New England Patriots (1-1) How do you lose your first opening game ever in Gillette Stadium to Kevin Kolb? Oh that’s right your offensive line stunk too!

12. Dallas Cowboys (1-1) After a week and a half off expected a way better performance than that!

13. Washington Redskins (1-1) would of should of could of been 2-0. Come December that loss could haunt them

14. Chicago Bears (1-1) Terrible play calling with no adjustments! The Bears always play a bad game early in the season in prime time before getting on a role! Relax and Breathe

15. Detroit Lions (1-1) Stafford doesn’t look the same yet. It’s still early?!?

16. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1) You beat the Jets without no offense!  Let’s see you against a real NFL offense win

17. Miami Dolphins (1-1) Reggie Bush had a huge day beating the Raiders can he do it for an entire season.

18. Denver Broncos (1-1) 4 first quarter turnovers is not impressive!

19. NY Jets (1-1)  They are still a 6-10 team without a QB and an offense! At least they get to play Buffalo twice a season.

20. Cincinnati Bengals (1-1) Congrats you beat the Mistake by the Lake but gave up 27 points in doing so.. This seems like a long season on defense.

21. Indianapolis Colts (1-1)  Luck played well. I think he’s going to make it in this league!

22. Carolina Panthers (1-1) That’s more like it Cam!

23. New Orleans Saints (0-2) They seem to really be missing something….. Sean Payton?

24. St. Louis Rams (1-1) The offense with Bradford looks improved and we get to see it first hand Sunday!

25. Minnesota Vikings (1-1) Had their shot at the NFC north lead! Fail!

26. Buffalo Bills (1-1) Where was this offense last week? Why didn’t I make the trade for Spiller last week?

27. Tennessee Titans (0-2)  Where did this star running back Chris Johnson go to? Is he hanging out with Eddie George?

28. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-2) You cannot win in the NFL if you cannot stop the run Period!

29. Oakland Raiders (0-2) Just Lose Baby!

30. Tampa Bay Bucs (1-1) Giving up 25 4th quarter points and 510 yards passing will leave a mark the rest of the season!

31.  Cleveland Browns (0-2) This is a bad franchise with no action plan

32. Kansas City Chiefs (0-2) Defense has given up 40 and 35 points in first two weeks.. glass 1/2 full says that improvement!

Whats your top 5? Which team that played poorly will turn it around in week 3?