Top NFL picks against the Spread: Handicapping Week 3: Thursday Night


Summary of Last Week:  Well, already discussed last week’s Thursday Night Bears Debacle.  The big talk of the week was the absolute upset of the decade.  The 13.5 point road-weary, underdog Cardinals upset the Patriots in Foxboro, for an early game.  I don’t know about your survival pools, but alot of them ended in week 2 or came awfully close.  So, last week I picked the Patriots to cover the 13.5 which they didn’t do.  That didn’t surprise me as much as the loss.  So, other than the Bears game, that was really my only dumb mistake.  Cincinnati pushed with the Browns.  I obviously didn’t watch that game, but they should’ve covered being up 14 late.  The Texans continue their positive start taking care of the Jaguars.  They may become my weekly favorite until Vegas figures out how good they are.  Lastly, the real Vikings showed up against the Colts.  I felt really good about that upset call.  When you have 2 “not-so-good” teams and the home team is the underdog – they usually are a safe bet.  So, for the week 2-2-1, which I’ll take considering I wasn’t too comfortable with the picks to begin with.

LAST WEEK: Pick “3 ”  – 1-1-1        Upset Special:  1-0      Beloved:  0-1

SEASON: Pick “3 ”  – 3-2-1       Upset Special:  2-0      Beloved:  1-1


Carolina-1 vs Giants – wow, flip a coin!  Who knows with these 2 teams, right?  Anyway, I’ve unfortunately had to pay a little attention to the Giants this year because I had to default to Eli Manning as my QB in fantasy.  That worked out pretty well last week when he threw for  510 yards and 3 touchdowns.  Like most NFL teams, there are some consistency issues that you have to worry about. Giants came out and lost to Dallas in Week 1 who then went out to lay an egg in Seattle. The Panthers lose to Tampa in Week 1 and the Bucs go and lose to the Giants in a crazy shootout.  If you do crazy If A+ B =C, then does C-B=A stuff, you’d assume that the Giants will take care of Carolina because of that.  But, I won’t.  I’ll take the upstart Panthers at home, who will see this national game  as their way to take the next step.  Cam Newton has  a big game under the lights.