Top NFL picks against the Spread: Handicapping Week 3


We’ll see how this whole Thursday Night Pick thing goes.  I’ve added it to my weekly blogging, but I’m not so sure I like it.  If I counted the Bears/Packers game, I’d be 0-2 under Thursday Night.  But, I don’t want to double-ding my season totals, so I’m not doing that.  Some of these games are getting difficult to pick, as evidenced even by the announcers all picking the Panthers at home on Thursday.  Parity, parity, parity.  I’m still wondering what the Panthers Defense was trying to accomplish the other night, but since Eli is my fantasy quarterback, I’m not complaining that he picked them apart.  I just wished that the Panthers scored a little more to necessitate Eli lighting it up more.  Oh well.  Let’s get to Sunday:

49ers -6.5 @ Vikings – this is game #1 that I like the spread, but get nervous sometimes when I like it alot.  I don’t know how one of the best teams in the league is only giving 6.5 points to one of the worst. I understand that they are in the Metrodome, it’s across the country, etc.  But, the Vikings only beat the Jaguars (another terrible team) and lost to the Colts (who are also not good). The 49ers have already beat 2 good teams in the Central, and they’re about to make it three.  We’re not going to be hearing that horn too often tomorrow….

Packers -3 @ Seattle – I’m going to pick my 2nd road team favorite.  I’ve been to Seattle.  I know it’s loud and I know it’s a tough place to play. The Packers are still getting in sync and this will be their first road game of the year.  I still like them taking care of the Seahawks who are being given a little too much credit for “dismantling” the Cowboys.  That number is lower because of their win against Dallas.  Well, the Packers aren’t that inconsistent Cowboy team.

Saints -9 vs Chiefs – the Saints have still been averaging 29.5 pts a game in their first two games.  However, their Defense has been a little suspect, especially against 2 of the NFL unique QBs RG3 and Cam.  Well, the Chiefs aren’t that dynamic, although hey have averaged a little over 20 pts a game this year.  So, there’s there’s your spread – Saints averaging 30 and the Chiefs averaging 20.5.  The spread is 9 and I’ll take it.


Buccaneers +9 @ Dallas – Dallas falls into the NFC East “You never know what team is going to show up” Division.  Think about it, each team can be really good or really bad.  They’re hard teams to try to pick when it comes to spreads.  So, when another team like the Bucs, who have already beaten Carolina and had the Giants on the ropes last week is getting 9 points against them, that’s a pretty good deal.  That’s alot of points.


Bears – 7 vs the Rams – the line has dropped 2 points since the beginning of the week.  Many people were obviously turned off to the Bears after the Packers debacle.  The Rams, on the other hand gave the Lions a fight and beat the Redskins.  Regardless, the Bears have had 10 days to prep for the Rams and make things right.  On paper, they’re the better team, and on the field on Sunday, they’ll prove it.  The Bears bounce back to stop the minimize the negativity for a week.  Cutler has a good game.

LAST WEEK: Pick “3 ”  – 1-1-1        Upset Special:  1-0      Beloved:  0-1    Thursday Night (Car/NYG) 0-1

SEASON: Pick “3 ”  – 3-2-1       Upset Special:  2-0      Beloved:  1-1  Thursday Night (starting w/Car/NYG 0-1)