They’re Back!?! NFL and Referees Nearing Agreement


The Real NFL Refs could be back Sunday. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

According to multiple sources the NFL will have the real NFL refs back on the field this Sunday.  All of the experts said it would take a monumental gaffe by the replacements to get a deal done, and they provided the material with the Green Bay interception debacle!

The Packers took one for the team, and everyone outside of Green Bay rejoices except for maybe Cortland Finnegan and other cheap shot artists!

Like most things unless the Packers miss out of the playoffs by a game, by the time the playoffs begin nobody will even mention the replacement refs although the real refs return will force Steve Young to get some new material on Monday nights!  At least the Chicago Bears will not have to worry about getting robbed this Monday night by the replacements.

Thanks for the paragraph in NFL history replacements, but your time was up!