Fantasy Focus- Where is my #1 Pick’s Production?


September 23, 2012; Baltimore, MD, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) directs the offense against the Baltimore Ravens at Mandatory Credit: Mitch Stinger

Your fantasy draft seems like ages ago if you picked Tom Brady or Matthew Stafford in the first round instead of taking Ray Rice or Arian Foster. Even worse is the guy that took the sure thing in Aaron Rodgers with a top 3 pick.  Brady and Stafford are out of the top 10 of fantasy quarterbacks while looking up to RG3,Andy Dalton, and Andrew Luck.  Aaron Rodgers is out of the top 20 which really is unbelievable after last season. Rodgers has future Hall of Famer Jake Locker scoring more fantasy points in the first three weeks than the Packer QB!

What to do? Keep the faith! Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers will come around if their offensive lines come around (sounds familiar Jay?) Anyways they are proven commodities so no need to panic and trade away your top pick in a desperation move three weeks in to the season.  If you don’t have one of them on your roster now is the time to make a deal, their stat lines and fantasy production will come around sooner than later and hopefully the owner with them on their roster has lost patience.


-Stud- Matt Ryan- The Falcons running game will have a big day, but the last time the Falcons met the Panthers Ryan had 4 TD passes! Expect a Big day for the entire Falcons offense.

-Dud- Jay Cutler- He’s killed me the last two weeks and now Jay gets the #1 pass defense in the NFL. The Cowboys are only giving up 137 yards per game through the air. Go with someone other than Cutler if you have other options.

-Sleeper-Carson Palmer- Palmer had a great 4th quarter last week, and now he can carry over that play into Sunday against a defense that Matt Schaub shredded

Running Back

-Stud Maurice Jones-Drew- The Bengals have shown little defense so far this year which should lead to a big day for Jones-Drew.

-Dud-Demarco Murray- The Bears have been very stingy against the run.  Monday night could be a long night for the Lone Star running back

-Sleeper- Ryan Matthews- Sunday is Matthews 2012 breakout game!

Wide Receiver

-Stud- Larry Fitzgerald- The Phins defense is poor at best which should lead to easy pickings for Larry

-Dud- Stevie Johnson- The Pats have a way to shut down the opponents most explosive receiver.

-Sleeper- Vincent Jackson- He’s been invisible most of the season.  Sunday he earns his money.

Tight End

– Stud- Jimmy Graham- He’s a stud! He gets a TD a week no reason to think he slows down this week.

-Dud- Martellus Bennett- His three week scoring spree ends in Philly.  (Sorry to everyone that got nothing from Pitta)

– Sleeper- Jermaine Gresham- Look for Gresham to get in the endzone this week against the Jags.


-Stud- Cowboys- The Bears better be ready for Ware and the pass rush or it could be a long night for the Bears offense.

-Dud- Bills- Tom Brady has a big day and demolishes the Bills D.

-Sleeper- Lions- The front 7 will get some sacks and turnovers at home against Christian Ponder.

Good Luck in Week #4 when all the studs take their rightful place back on top of the highest scoring list!