Week #5 Power Rankings


Sep 30, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub (8) throws a pass against the Tennessee Titans in the second quarter at Reliant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE

They have been almost surgical in every game this season.  They set you up with the running of Arian Foster and Ben Tate which only sets up the play action of Matt Schaub to weapons like Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels.  They are the 2nd highest scoring offense in the NFL trailing only the New England Patriots by 2 points.  This is not why I rank them #1, it’s because their defense is just as solid as their offense.  Through four weeks the Texans are an outstanding +70 in point differential.  The Bears get to face the Texans on November 11th, but next week the Texans get to visit the Big Apple and the worst offense in the NFL in the J-E-T-S MESS MESS MESS!!!  Here are this weeks rankings!

1. Houston Texans (4-0)- They score both offensively and defensively.  Oh and they were my pre-season AFC Super Bowl pick!

2. Atlanta Falcons (4-0)- They won a tough divisional game. Matt Ryan looks like a pro bowl lock through a quarter of the season. Great game by Roddy White.

3. Baltimore Ravens (3-1) I’m still not sold on their defense without Suggs, but Flacco looks like an entirely different QB this season.

4. Arizona Cardinals (4-0) Kolb looked very poised in the 4th quarter, but what happened to the D? Giving up over 400 yards passing could be a bad omen!

5. Philadelphia Eagles (3-1) Vick will get hurt eventually but they are winning all the games they would have lost last season.

6. SF 49ers (3-1) They rebounded nicely after the Viking debacle.  If you stop their run game they are beatable

7. Minnesota Vikings (3-1) Suprise of the NFL! Percy Harvin is tough to stop! Special teams killed the Lions

8. Chicago Bears (3-1) The Monster of the Midway defense isn’t long in the tooth just yet! Good to see Hester get into the flow of the offense

9. San Diego (3-1)  Strange to see them off to a good start! Nice rebound win after getting smoked by Atlanta

10. New England Patriots (2-2) Their offense can be really unstoppable if they run the ball anywhere like that on a weekly basis

11. Green Bay (2-2)  Offense still doesn’t look in sync but it’s still early! Defense is giving up chunks of yards which will cost them in the end if it doesn’t get fixed

12. Denver (2-2) Vintage Peyton Manning 338 yards and 3 td’s.

13. Cincinnati (3-1) They are just going to try and outscore you every week! It’s a new world in Bengal-land

14. Pittsburgh (1-2)  They needed to regroup after the Oakland choke job. Bye week came at perfect time

15. Seattle (2-2) They are one blown call away from 1-3! Didn’t make the most of their gift this week

16. St Louis (2-2)  The dink and dunk offense is really boring. Thanks goodness their kicker can bomb it from 60 plus on regularity

17.  Washington (2-2) They could have folded up the tent after giving up a 15 point lead, but RG3 showed great leadership to get the Skins in position for the winning field goal

18. Dallas (2-2)  Too many turnovers. Dez Bryant needs to start catching the ball before he turns into the next Roy Williams

19. NY Giants (2-2) Great one week, average the next, sounds like a recipe or another 9-7 season

20. Miami (1-3) They are a field goal kicker away from 3-1! Carpenter for Mayor??

21. Detroit (1-3) The undisciplined off season has led to a poor start that doesn’t look it has an end in site.

22. Indy Colts (1-2) Prayers  go out to coach Pagano!

23.  Carolina (1-3)  They had their chance against the Falcons and let it slip threw their hands

24.  Tampa Bay (1-3) They play hard for 60 minutes! That’s all you can say about them for now

25. Jacksonville (1-3) Jags keep games close. Next up for the Bears! Can’t wait to see this in person

26. Tennessee (1-3) That was one violent hit on Locker.  Welcome back Mr Hasselback to the starting lineup.

27. New Orleans (0-4) They are going to spoil some playoff dreams late in the season.  This offense is too good to lose consistently

28. Oakland (1-3) Very disappointing effort after the great comeback win against the Steelers

29. Kansas City (1-3)  They are who we thought they were! Not very good well except Charles

30. Buffalo (2-2) 35 fourth quarter points is unacceptable at any level from pop warner up! Thankfully Mario Williams is in Buffalo and not Chicago

31. Cleveland (0-4)  Very young team well except their middle aged rookie QB.  Going to be a long season in Cleveland

32. NY Jets (2-2) Their offense will burn your retinas its so bad. Sanchez and Greene are the worst 1-2 punch in the league.  How soon until TebowTime to make them interesting?

We are at the quarter poll. What is your top 5? Let me see your list in the comments section!!  Can’t wait for this Sunday in Jacksonville!