Chicago Bears Week 4 Milk Carton


After a stellar performance by the Chicago Bears in their Monday Night Football beatdown of the Dallas Cowboys, I found it’s a little harder to find an appropriate candidate for the Week 4 Milk Carton, which goes to a player who went missing in that week’s game.  But fear not, I am always happy to find some negativity, even in a win.

The Week 4 Milk Carton goes to someone who literally didn’t contribute anything to Monday night’s outcomes and it’s former first round draft pick Chris Williams, who was inactive for the game.  Williams has almost completed his full downward spiral into first round bust status.  He’s gone from competing for the starting left tackle spot to swing tackle to left out in just over a month.  It’s another setback for the Bears, who are likely to part ways with Williams this offseason if not sooner.

There has been some speculation that the Bears could try to trade Williams to some sucker, er, team that wants to give him a fresh start.  With the glut of injuries and overall piss-poor offensive line play around the league, who knows, maybe the Bears can get back that 7th round pick that they traded away for Brian Price in the preseason???

What do you think?  Who should have been on this week’s milk carton?  Who else was missing in Week 4?  Let’s hear your comments.