Top NFL picks against the Spread: Handicapping Week 5: Thursday Night


Last weeek 2-3 and this week 3-2.  I flipflopped my games.  Last week I went 0-3 on my Pick 3 and this week 3-0.  You just never know.  I did feel very confident in my Pick 3 this week.  Things seemed to be aligning for Kansas City to come back to earth and San Diego took care of that.  New England, as expected, just kept scoring and scoring so covering a couple of points wasn’t a big deal.  Lastly, the 49ers choice of not flying home was a good one and they were simply able to manhandle the grounded Jets. I was a little nervous about taking Jacksonville as my upset special, but I thought that they’d be able to ride MJD.  Apparently, their Defense wasn’t quite as good as I remember it being from last year.  I was happy to see the Bears dominate and lose my bet.  If they play the way they played the other night, I’d obviously feel more comfortable picking them.  I thought the gameplan was much better, Cutler spread the ball around (and Marshall still got his catches), and how about Hester’s move for that TD?  Overall, a very good weekend and I’ll always take more wins than losses.


Cardinals -1 vs St. Louis – I don’t know about you, but this just feels like a weird one to pick.  I mean, are the Cardinals really 4-0?  With the QB controversy and the NFC West typically being the doormat, is this a game that really has legitimate meaning?  At this point in time, the answer simply has to be yes.  A 4-0 team is squaring up against a 2-2 team and it is meaningful.  Um, let’s see: New England (2-2), Green Bay (2-2), almost the whole NFC East (2-2).  The Rams are right there with them.  But, the Rams aren’t Green Bay or New England.  The Cardinals take care of business on the road against division rival and go to 5-0.

Sunday:  Pick “3” 3-0       Upset Special 0-1    Beloved   0-1

SEASON: Pick “3 ”  – 6-5-1       Upset Special:  3-1      Beloved:  3-2  Thursday Night 1-1